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Who is Jennifer Zelop?

My wish for you is that you find what makes you THRIVE!

It was the end of a marriage and finding myself as a single mom of my two amazing boys, Will and Sean, when I realized I wasn’t living a life that was allowing me to Thrive. I longed for so many things. I wanted to set bigger than life goals and reach them; I wanted to look at myself every day in the mirror and truly love me; I wanted to feel a love with another person that hit the depths of my soul; I wanted to give back to the people of this world; I wanted to help others reach their goals; I wanted to be a great mom; I wanted to be a mentor, a role model and a leader. The list was endless. Somehow though, ever since that first decision in college…..”which major will you be choosing?” I always ended up listening to the voice in my head that chose the road often traveled……the road of certainty.

It took life experiences; lots of self-development; meditation; guidance; education; faith and through a physical, emotional and spiritual transformation I can honestly say from the depths of my soul that I am thriving! You can reach out to Jen at jenniferzelop@yahoo.com to chat with her about nutrition; coach one one one with Jen or join THRIVE online where you’ll receive access to over 50 Action Steps for discovering, developing and creating your THRIVE life!

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Jen is a leader in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindset and nutrition. Jen has been involved in the health and wellness business for 25 plus years. As a multiple gym owner, a “thriving” nutrition practice, public speaker and creator of numerous mindset training programs, Jen has the experience to offer a practical approach to reaching your goals for your body, mind and soul. Through her coaching methods, programs and classes, she has helped countless people worldwide transform their bodies, empower their minds and connect with their dreams.

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THRIVE is what we experience when our mind, body and soul operate as one.

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