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//Everyday Living with God

Everyday Living with God

Living Every Day with God

Real life everyday lessons I learned from the Book of Job.

I often get the question, which is your favorite book or verse from the Bible? My response is usually dependent upon what I’m personally going through in my life at the moment. Whether it’s joy, loneliness, sorrow, confusion or pain, I turn to specific Books or passages in the Bible for comfort and guidance.

During a recent time in my life, the Book of Job was hard for me to put down. I read it daily and re-read it numerous times. Here are my real life everyday teachings I learned from the Book of Job and how living every day with God, is getting me through one of the most difficult times in my life.

God speaks of Job as “My servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who reverently fears God and abstains and shuns evil?” Which lead me immediately into my first teaching from Job and that was that bad things can and do happen to good people. This wasn’t a new lesson for me. I consider myself a “good” person and I can rattle off some pretty cruddy things that have happened to me in my life. It was for sure a good reminder! Especially as I was in the middle of a cruddy time!

I’m not really a person who asks, “why me?”, I tend to be a silver lining kind of girl. However, I usually do ask, “when is this “torture” going to be over?” This I’m working on! I’m working on it because I do have a desire to grow in my relationship with God and growing in God means trusting Him and constantly asking Why or When is not trusting Him. In Romans 12:12 it says “Rejoice and exult in hope; be steadfast and patient in suffering and tribulation; be constant in prayer. So, I pray through my question of when. I took comfort in knowing that Job got frustrated. It’s ok to cry and have those moments of why and when, just don’t stay there. Lean on Romans 12:12 and pray. I also find help in taking action. I look for the silver lining in my situation. I ask, what am I learning through this? How can I use my suffering to help others? How can I use my experiences to help others? How am I growing through this trial? What’s changed about me? In Job, we learn that trials cause us to grow in our knowledge of God. Seek Him.

 In business, I love think tanks. I appreciate getting together with others and bouncing  around ideas or seeking advice about how to navigate a situation. However, in my personal life, sometimes seeking advice from too many of my friends causes a storm of confusion to go off inside my head. In Job, that’s what happens to him. His friends are eager to give him advice and, in the process, they misrepresent God and sin against Job. I love and appreciate my friends perspectives and that’s why I’ll continually ask for their input. However, at the end of the day, I seek God and ask Him to help me filter out the information I’ve received and apply what is best for me and my situation. He’s got the 360-degree view of my life. And we see this in Job.

I’m so inspired by Job when he stays so steadfast in his commitment to celebrate God no matter what the circumstances. If we praise God in our good times, how can we not praise God in our hard times? This was Satan’s position from the beginning of Job, “remove the blessings,” said Satan, “he will curse and renounce You to Your face.” Satan was saying to God that He is only loved because He delivered so much to Job but take away those blessings  and see what happens! During the hard times, isn’t that when we need God most?

My life has changed considerably since finding joy in my darkest moments. There is always something for me to be thankful for and there is always a situation available where I can lend my hand of help and hope to someone else. I’ve experienced my most growth through my toughest times and even through death, hardship, illness, loss and grief, I wouldn’t change a moment. I do wish I still had family members who’ve I’ve lost, however, I’ve learned to celebrate their lives by being the best version of myself. Always looking for the silver lining.

God Bless!


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