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Love Your Neighbor

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I love action steps.

I’ve realized in my many years of health and wellness coaching, especially in nutrition, people ask me to “tell” what to eat. I realized that the menu or meal plan is similar to an action step. Using action steps, if we complete steps 1, 2 and 3 then we get X result. If we eat foods 1, 2 and 3, we’ll then get said results. What I have learned is that action steps may work for putting the bookcase together (although, in my everyday life, even with actions steps, nothing assembles according to the picture) however, when it comes to our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and desired outcomes, actions steps act more like targets for us to use for our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and in turn will help us reach our goals (or desired outcomes.) Rather than say action steps….let’s call them actions!



I love learning.

About actions I can do in my daily life that will lead me on a more loving, fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful day…..which then leads to a more loving, fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful life. For me that means living my best life according to scripture. In today’s chat, I share with you my list of action steps for

“Loving one another with brotherly affection (as members of one family), giving precedence and showing honor to one another.” Romans 12:10 AMP

I include many of these actions in my daily life. It’s important to share with you that daily action is what leads us to cultivating and growing our habit of leading with love.

Here are some actions I like to do!

Hug your friends when you see them; Randomly offer an elderly neighbor a helping hand; Let your     neighbors and friends borrow your stuff; Offer a friend who is hurting a meal (don’t ask…just do!);      Always say please and thank you; Give random compliments; Be Kind; Be Compassionate; It’s ok that someone has a different opinion than you! Be ok with it; Forgo confrontation, Be Peaceful; Communicate; Let Go of Grudges; Forgive; Act humbly to someone; Be encouraging vs competitive; Avoid gossip; Avoid slander; If you have it give it; Love is proactive…be proactive; Set up an impromptu get together; Send a kind text or email; Reach out and just ask a friend how they are doing; Randomly be generous with your time and engage someone in a conversation; Keep a smile on; Let someone go through the door first; Let someone pull in front of you on the school pick up line!; Be patient in the store check out line; Make up from an outstanding argument; Repair a friendship; Give a friendly wave to someone; Let go of conceit; Look after the interest of another; Let go of envy and jealousy; Forgo lying; Let go of judgement; Treat each other equally; Let go of needing to be right.

A friend  shared this anecdote with me:

“You impact directly or indirectly 15,000 people a day.” Let me explain. If you encounter just 6 people a day (a realistic and reasonable number), each of those 6 at some point in their life will have 250 people at their wedding and 250 at their funeral. Which calculates to you potentially impacting 15,000 on any given day.

Think about the change you could personally bring about in this world!


God Bless!


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