All or Nothing

//All or Nothing

All or Nothing

When it comes to achieving an eating plan which supports health, balance is key. When we approach eating with an all or nothing mentality we tend to get frustrated whether we are “all in” or “all out.” Either we are indulging daily in foods, which aren’t the best for us, or we’re in deprivation mode.

If you want to experience long-term weight loss and adopt a new “lifestyle” you have to ditch the “all or nothing mentality.”

Just a few tips.

Each week leave room in your meals for a treat. If not, you’ll end up feeling deprived and cravings have the potential to increase to uncontrollable levels. Once your treat is done though, it’s done. You are right back to eating to support a healthier lifestyle at the next meal.

If you are a daily scale monitor get rid of your scale. Instead, ask your doctor or a local gym to calculate your body composition. You can also ask a family member to take your measurements. There are so many factors that can hinder the scale. Day to day your weight could fluctuate and if it isn’t moving according to your anticipation, you may view it as a “failure” and this could potentially send you into an eating tailspin. Weighing yourself once every month will give you a truer indicator of weight gain and loss. Whether it be measurements; body composition or the scale, keep it to once a month check-in’s.

Don’t throw in the towel. If you have a bad meal don’t throw the whole day away and use the “I’ll start again tomorrow” mentality. One meal doesn’t throw off your goal. The “I’ll start again tomorrow” mentality is known as the “last supper.” Unfortunately, what usually happens with this thought process is one meal turns into a day…a day turns into 2 days…and days turn into a week. Then the “I’ll start Monday” mentality kicks in. Then the “I’ll start the first of the month” mentality kicks in. Sound familiar? Just acknowledge it wasn’t a great choice and move on. It’s only one meal.

Adopting an eating plan, which supports a healthy weight; lean body mass; healthy aging and energy is a process. Remember it is a journey, not a race.

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