Hearing this word can sometimes cause the hair on our arms to stand up and even drum up anxiety from our insides out. It’s interesting, because I’ve always been a person who loved change. Even as a kid I can remember looking forward to the end of the school year because it meant that in the Fall, I’d get to meet a brand new teacher and a whole new slew of classmates that had the potential to become my closest friends. Kids would move and I would sit and daydream about their upcoming adventures they would get to experience in their new home. Don’t get me wrong, change, big or small definitely would heighten my sense of security and safety, because really, it’s the unknown that the change causes that we are afraid of but we can turn it into our own adventure!

I’ve been experiencing huge changes in both my personal life and in my business. I hate to be so cliché and say when one door closes another opens, but truth be told, it’s true. In my experience with all that has been happening in my life, my choice was to surrender to the idea of when one door closes another opens, because it allowed me to see the open doors. Again, I’m certainly not saying that it wasn’t without some fears, tears and anxiety. Rather than letting any apprehensions control me, I chose to acknowledge my fears and anxiety about the changes that were happening, which meant sitting in some very uncomfortable feelings, but I definitely did not let these feelings stop me or hold me back.

What is change anyway? It’s transition from one “thing” to another-right? So how did I deal with all these transitions so as to make change a little less frightening?

I prayed. I’m happy to share with you that I have many gods, angels, spirits and the like that guide me through this crazy thing we call life!! Probably the scariest thing about change as I said above, is the unknown. We know what we know and because of that we have comfort. We don’t know where change or transition will take us. Will it be ok? Will it be safe? Will I like it there? These are just a few of the questions that would pop into my head minute to minute throughout the day. I felt comfortable turning my concerns over to something bigger that’s out there. Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t take an active and participating role in my life, if you know me, you’ll know just how controlling I can be-lol!!! But, for me it meant that I trusted everything was going to work out. Turning these concerns over to something bigger allowed me to see the open doors when they opened!

I acknowledged my emotions. I have been taught by mentors and healers to acknowledge and sit with my emotions, even the most uncomfortable ones. By doing this I learned not to be afraid of them. See, when I sat with them, I cried, sometimes I yelled, sometimes I felt really really bad, but I didn’t die. They didn’t kill me. I learned I’m way stronger than any emotion. I also learned that it was ok to feel sad and angry and honestly, displeased with some of the changes that were happening. Feeling all of these emotions allowed me to move forward. To move through the transitions that were taking place, and once again, see the doors that were opening.

I created a ritual. Every morning before my feet hit the floor I give thanks and gratitude for everything and everyone in my life. No, I don’t name you all individually-lol!!!, but whether good or bad, circumstances and people are brought in and out of our lives for a reason. I give thanks for that every morning. Every night before I go to sleep I again give thanks and gratitude and I ask for help. This time I ask for my gods, my angels and my spirits to help me navigate through another day the best way that I can. I ask that I hear what I need to hear and I ask that I see what I need to see. These are two of my most important rituals I do every day. They calm me; they help balance me; they heal me; they also provide me with a sense of control. By making a choice twice a day to share my thankfulness and gratitude and to ask for help and guidance, I am choosing to take a proactive role in what happens in my life. Taking a proactive role in your daily life is very powerful!

Support. I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends and family that in the best way I can state it-have my back! Having a support system is crucial in getting through transition. Something interesting though I’d like to mention about my support team. My support system may not always have understood what I was experiencing or liked the choices and decisions I was making- but that’s ok. I think sometimes we think that everyone who supports us has to know what we’re going through or maybe they should have experienced something similar. It is important to have support from people who have had similar experiences, but please don’t discount your loved ones who haven’t. Sometimes the listening ear, or the hug is really what we need!!

Physical Activity and Healthy Food. You know who I am-how can this not be part of healing-right?!!! What I will tell you about healthy food choices is that throughout significant and even less than significant change, food to balance our bodies, feed our bodies, heal our bodies is critical to how we navigate through transition. By keeping my sugar levels stable, my energy constant and my overall health in great condition, it allowed me to experience transition in the best way and honestly, the fastest way possible. Change is tough on the body!! There is a huge difference feeding our bodies whole grains and lean proteins while experiencing stress than feeding it sugar and alcohol. Physical activity too. My constant through all the bumps was my food and my exercise. It allowed me to release my stress, deal with problems, deal with various situations and most important it gave me control. I was in control of my physical well being which in turn allowed me to allow for stability in my emotional well being. I cannot say enough about the importance of self care through food and exercise when it comes to changes in your life.

So there it is! I’m looking forward to outwardly sharing with you all the changes which have been taking place behind the scenes in my personal life and the changes to our business! So many doors have opened and so many more are opening-it’s been pretty amazing!!!!!

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