Creating the Life You Want

//Creating the Life You Want

Creating the Life You Want

I know I tend to get off on tangents from nutrition from time to time but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creating the life I want so I couldn’t help but write about it for this week’s article. I believe too that creating the life you want easily translates to creating the health you want or creating the job you want, really you name it. The steps are the same; it’s the goal that changes.

I’m very much a non-fiction reader. I love anything related to nutrition, diet or medicine and any self help book out there-I’ve read it. I feel like we always have something to learn so I’m interested in hearing what people have to say. Over the last several weeks I’ve been engrossed in reading any book related to creating the life we want, positive thinking and manifesting our greatest desires. So what have I learned? This is what I’ve learned!!

1.Know where you want to go but be grateful for where you’ve been.

I hear many times about how much weight someone has lost only to regain the same weight if not more. They talk about the disappointment they have with themselves. We can’t change yesterday, however we can focus on where we want to go and learn from where we’ve been. If you are in a position where you’ve lost weight only to regain it or maybe regain more, than we know two things. We know what worked for the weight loss and we know that something caused us to regain it. What we need to do is look at both situations and find the wrongs and rights rather than beat ourselves up. Beating ourselves up does nothing but break down our self esteem and the value we place on ourselves. Instead, I want you to think about what worked to help you lose the weight in the first place and then think about why you started down the path on regaining the weight. Are you an emotional eater? If so, start tackling the emotions. Journal rather than eat; exercise rather than put food in your mouth; think about alternatives besides food that will help you cope with your emotions. Lift yourself up by changing your behavior!

2.Be thankful for what you have and you will end up having more. If we continue to focus on what we don’t have, we’ll never have enough.

When you focus on what you have and appreciate it or focus on what you want, you’ll start to see that many of those desires will appear in your reality. By being thankful and making appreciating a regular habit you can quickly change a negative situation or thought into a positive one. One of the rituals I have is a gratitude blessing I do when I wake and when my head hits the pillow. I take a few minutes before my feet hit the ground and before my eyes close for the evening to say a list of things and people I am grateful for. It’s a very fulfilling event!!!

3.Change your view of failure.

One of the big things holding us back from getting what we want is the fear of failure. Failure is actually a very helpful learning experience. Think about my weight loss example above. Failing at something teaches us what does and doesn’t work; it allows us the opportunity to re-evaluate a situation and see how we can do it differently next time. So, instead of seeing failure as something big and scary, redefine it in your mind as a learning experience

4.Give your power to your success rather than to your fears.

When you feel fear, just acknowledge it and accept it. Don’t fight it. When I feel fear-really what .I’m saying is “I’m scared”. I sit with it so I can feel what it feels like in my body. . My breath usually gets faster, and my body feels shaky. I even named my feeling of fear. I call him Benny. When Benny appears, I take it in, breathe into it and the feeling usually subsides within minutes if not seconds. Once my breathing has normalized I immediately think about what I’m grateful for. Grateful thoughts cannot help but bring you joy and peace and therefore takes me away from the feeling of being scared.

5.You get what you give.

What’s that saying “you get more with sugar than salt” or “you get more with sugar than vinegar”? I live by this every day. If you give sugar you usually get more sugar, and of course the same works for the vinegar you dish out too! I truly believe that the more negativity you throw out into this life the more you get in return. Who does this benefit? No one. It actually takes a toll on our health. The more negativity you dish out, the worse you tend to feel in your everyday life. The more problems you’ll find start popping up in your everyday reality.

6.We are the ones responsible for creating our life!

Everything we are is a direct result of something we do or something we don’t do. We are in the driver’s seat of our own life!!! Rather than using your energy to complain about what has happened; or what you don’t have; or how lousy you feel, take that energy and do something about it. No one else will and no one else can do anything about your life!! Visualize the body you want; visualize the life you want; visualize the job you want and go after it!!! Take responsibility and know that you have the power to create the life you want!!

Stay tuned for my continued journey on creating the life I want!!!!! Thanks for always listening!!!

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