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Fuel for the Flesh Jen Zelop

Coach with Jen weekly!

Step into our Fuel for the Flesh™ Coaching

Do you desire more of a personal coaching setting?  Well then Step into our Fuel for the Flesh TM Coaching Program.

We have it backwards!!!! I’ve been coaching for 25 years and the number 1 reason people hire me is:     Jen, How do I _____________ (fill in the blank!)? How do I achieve body confidence; a positive mindset; peace; my goals……How do I?

Here is the backwards part. You already know how….you already have whatever it is you are seeking…..YOU HAVE IT!  Through environment, conditioning, role modeling, experiences and stories we’ve created….we have buried IT.  I call this coaching program Fuel for the Flesh……!

Why Did I Create this Coaching:

Because God gave us the ability of free will. And with free will comes choices. I believe in making choices that will help you to become your BEST self on your path with God. Fuel for the Flesh was created from meditations I have with God on a daily basis. It was created from my desire to grow…my desire to be kinder…gentler…more successful…happier…healthier…and through the grace of God I have received amazing coaching and training from a personal development perspective which led me to exponential growth and success. As I was growing personally, I also was growing spiritually. I desired to develop a deeper understanding of God and grow closer to Him and I wanted to know and understand the Bible. My whole life did a 360 turnaround when this happened. I immediately began to light up from the inside out.
See, we have what’s called Free Will. And Free Will is a beautiful thing. It means we have choices. We make tons of them every day. The funky thing about choices is many times, our choices have become patterns; habits…we don’t even realize we are making the choice we make.

Freaky right? That’s when life get’s a little off course….or a lot of course!
Through my training and living, I have learned (which we all know and it’s buried deep inside) that the best choices come from love versus fear. What does fear mean…ego; lack; jealousy; envy; anger; lies; deceit….just to name a few. Love however, breeds love. And how do I know that…it’s in the Bible. See, the Bible has lots of love in it and is a doctrine which shares with us and teaches us how to make the best Free Will choices from love, which leads us to more love which leads us to creating a closer relationship with God. Fuel for the Flesh is a program which will offer you Life Changing Solutions for your Free Will!!

Tell Me More:

Through a weekly Zoom group coaching call that utilizes tools of transformative growth and God’s word.
Join a weekly 1 hour (plus!) Zoom call where you’ll hear Jen coach on the current weeks topic; tools for growth and most important of all, God’s word relating to the topic. At the end of the coaching call, the line will be open for questions, answers and discussion.  You’ll also have access to a private (members only) FB group for additional support, actions steps and Q&A. In the group you’ll also be able to view the recorded Zoom coaching call for the week (in case you can’t make the live call.)

Why sign up?

You desire to make the best free will choices for transformative growth while following God’s word AND

You want MORE…..You want your BEST life…..You want to THRIVE…..You want to be SUCCESSFUL…..You want to discover your PURPOSE….You want to be HAPPY….You want to be FULFILLED

What You’ll Experience Growth In:

Body Confidence ~ Mind Fulfillment ~ Soul Synchronicity ~ Health ~ Wealth ~ Success ~ Relationships ~ Faith ~ Manifesting ~ Purpose ~ Hearing God’s Voice

Membership is $29 for the first month and $99 each month after.

Fuel for the Flesh™