Productive or Busy?

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Productive or Busy?

Are you a Productive person or a Busy person?

Productive People Are More Efficient

If a productive person says yes to a task, it becomes a priority. They have the ability to prioritize and believe in their ability to accomplish a task in a timely manner. A busy person will say yes and then lament over the other 100 things they have to do that never get done and then worry how they are going to get yet “another thing done.”

Productive People Are More Relaxed

Productive people seem like they are in control. Busy people seem to be controlled by everything BUT themselves. They can never relax. They constantly talk about wishing they had more time for everything. More time to sleep; more time to relax; more time to vacation; more time to unwind; more time for errands.
Productive People Are More Flexible

Productive people are able to adjust their day for hiccups. Busy people over-react to hiccups. The idea of adding yet another thing to their to do list makes them lash out.

Productive People Have More Time For Others

Productive people are comfortable to be around. Busy people always seem like they are late for their next appointment. As you are talking to them they are walking out the door. They are worried about how much time they’ve spent sitting talking with you because they have other tasks to accomplish.

Which one are you?

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