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//Everyday Living with God

Everyday Living with God

Fulfilled and Satisfied with Purpose

I didn’t feel fulfilled. I didn’t feel satisfied.

For a while I would use shopping as a way to make me feel satisfied. For awhile I would use food to feel fulfilled. Why? I would often ponder, “What’s missing” as I hurried through my crazy busy life.

I felt like a heat seeking missile! Always searching for a target that would leave me feeling fulfilled and satisfied. I dreamt about waking up every morning knowing that today I would have the opportunity to offer some sort of positive impact to another person in this world.  You know that question….”is this all there is?” “Is this what life is really about?” Surviving is a better way to describe how I was living my life.  Oh! Existing is another good one! That’s what I was doing. So I went and bought every self-help book out there. Feel free to come by one day and check out my book shelf! Then I signed up for lots of programs; seminars; classes and workshops. Did they work? For sure. I definitely experienced massive growth in my thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. I felt a million times better. Even some better news…the shopping stopped and I got fit and healthy. Life still remained insanely busy and after all the self-development I accomplished, I still wasn’t as fulfilled as I had hoped. Life was like being on a hamster wheel. Just going round and round  and round and round. The voice in my head was definitely stronger and much more positive, however my longing to know my purpose for this life and have an impact on this world grew stronger and stronger. It’s hard to exactly put into words what I was experiencing because it was more of a feeling. An internal unsettled feeling. Anyone relate?   I can’t say I dreamed of a certain profession, or a skill I wanted to develop. I just didn’t feel full and satisfied.   I was lacking purpose.

Turning to the Bible I was led to learn that God created us with purpose in mind. We were born with an innate purpose. After reading God’s word and the purposes he has for us, I understood why I felt so empty. It wasn’t about me becoming a mom or a coach or an author or a speaker. All of these roles are important in our world and creative gifts God has bestowed on us (we’ll talk about our gifts throughout this series) however, it was more about HOW I was living as a mom, as a coach, as an author and as a speaker. It was my intention behind my everyday living and my everyday living was void of God. No wonder I was searching for purpose. God clearly defined my purposes for this life and I was ignoring them.

In our coming weeks, I’ll share how living everyday with God has helped me to discover God’s purpose for me and how doing so has led me to living a more fulfilled life.  You too can pray with God and discover your purpose.

To begin, have you ever thought about the spiritual gifts God has bestowed upon you? In Exodus 35:30-35 and 1 Corinthians 12:4-30, we learn about spiritual gifts. It was when I started asking God to highlight and to bring forth my own spiritual gifts that I began to have direction. Are you blessed musically? Maybe serve in your church choir. Do you like public speaking? Consider starting a weekly bible study where you lead others. Do you like to work with your hands? What about going on a mission where homes are built for those in need? Do you have a way with your words? What about writing a weekly or monthly article for a local non profit organization? There are so many options. The important point here is that you do have a special purpose here in this life. You are important and you have a gift to share. Ask God to show you your gift and how you can bless others with it.

Thank you for reading this! Until next week when we’ll continue to explore our purpose here in this life!

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