What is Excellence in our THRIVE life?

Excellence in our THRIVE life is when we surpass ordinary effort, attention, detail and focus to move towards the “extra” ordinary! It is about putting quality into everything you do, say, believe and it is living in a committed way. I like to call it our personal 10x value.

I can best describe Excellence in our THRIVE life with a little story. I know my mentor would not mind if I shared this with all of you. My mentor, Pat, is a competitive ping pong player and has been for decades. Often on the weekend, you will find her and her partner entered in a doubles ping pong tournament. In scoring ping pong, if your match is best of 3 games, then your goal is to win the first two games,  so your victory is locked in and you eliminate the need for a sudden death third game. Here’s the setting. Pat and her partner crush the other team in the first game. Win by a huge margin. Quickly into the second game the momentum take a turn. The other team scores relentlessly on them. Pat and her partner are now down by a huge margin with the other team only 2 points away from winning. Pat turns to her partner and says, “Is this the best we can do?” Her partner answers, “We won the first game, let’s get through this and we’ll re-focus and go hard in the sudden death game.” Pat took a breath and as someone who lives in Excellence in her life, turns and says to her partner, “What more is possible?” Realizing that his Excellence meter had dropped a bit, her partner regrouped, put on his Excellence mindset and they went on to come back from the huge deficit and win that game, giving them the title win.

What role does Excellence play in your THRIVE life?

By living in Excellence, you live an excellent life! What does that mean, right??! Do you hit the snooze alarm, or do you jump out of bed? Do you go above and beyond when someone asks a favor of you? Do you give it your full effort with your family, friends, co-workers? Do you leave that special gift on someone’s door for their birthday? Do you write letters or is everything text? The choices to live in Excellence in our day are endless. I do want to make a very important point here. Excellence is NOT perfection. Being perfect is non-existent in the THRIVE life. My belief is that perfection doesn’t exist and therefore cannot be found in living our THRIVE life. Excellence is about adding 10x value to yourself, your actions, your thoughts (no room for negativity in Excellence), your family, your career, your health, your mindset…….all areas of your life.

Now you may be wondering how do I develop Excellence! Below is an action step to get you started. For more action steps on developing Excellence and the other THRIVE elements of Trust, Heart, Resilience, Intuition and Values, click on the link below.


Move out of your comfort zone.

Every day you should do something that is outside of your comfort zone. As you grow more and more by doing things that challenge you, you build Excellence as your new standard. It’s showing commitment to growth and it’s living a quality life. Take inventory of how you feel after a few days of consistently pushing yourself through your comfort zone. You feel alive!! Almost electric. It’s so awesome!

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