H is for Heart

//H is for Heart

H is for Heart

H is for HEART in living your THRIVE life!

What do I mean by Heart?

In my blog are you Thriving or Surviving, we chatted about THRIVE and what it stands for. T is for Trust, H is for Heart, R is for Resilience, I is for Intuition, V is for Value and E is for Excellence.

Do you lead with your Heart?

To explain Heart in our THRIVE life, I feel it’s important to first talk about our ego. Has anyone ever said to you “get out of your head?” They should say “get out of your ego!” There are many different explanations, descriptions and definitions about the ego and some can be very perplexing and even complex to understand. For our THRIVE life purposes, the ego is the voice inside of your head.  It’s the voice that needs approval, it’s negative self-talk (I’m not good enough, I’ll never get the job, I’m not this and I’m not that), it’s the voice that gossips, complains and immediately jumps to negative conclusions. I like to refer to the ego as the “I should have” organ (I should have done this, I should have done that, we should have gone there on vacation instead!) It’s doubtful, it’s mean, it’s condescending and it’s judgemental. When we act from our ego, our Heart closes (it tightens) which makes living from our Heart confusing and difficult.

Now let’s explore our Heart. Let’s explore what it looks like when we live a life from our Heart.


Love flows through you! You are present in the moment. In a conversation with a friend or your loved one, the phone is nowhere to be found.  An open Heart is accepting. New friend in town…you are the welcoming committee. New girl in exercise class….you show them the best spot to stand.  You know those little “pesky” habits of your spouse or your friends, well those are the reasons why you love that person.  You don’t “have to” do anything because the truth is you “get to” do everything….. errands, chores, laundry, rides…because you live with the belief that life is a gift. Every day you are given is a gift. There is someone right now, in this minute wishing they had one more day and you don’t take this for granted.  Complaining, negativity and judgement do not exist in the Heart. You accept compliments and acknowledge them with a simple thank you and a beaming smile! You love yourself for who you were, who you are and who you will become. You use your feelings to guide you. Your Heart is your soul. It’s your spirit.  Your Heart was beating before anything else was formed!


Does it feel like you are getting to know your Heart?

What is Heart’s role in living your THRIVE life?

Your Heart is your soul (your spirit) and when you Trust your Heart you know what makes you happy and you live daily in a happy state.  Your Heart is the center of your inner guidance system. Your life compass. Guiding you towards living your purpose.  Living with an open Heart allows the Universe to work for you. You are known as the “lucky one.” I like to call you the “blessed one.”  You feel warm, fulfilled, alive and electric. You walk around believing anything is possible! Our heart is our Divine connection. Have you ever felt something inside of you that you feel like you should do?  That’s Heart! It is a Divine connection to who you are supposed to be in this lifetime. How awesome is that?  We need to get “out of our heads” and into our Hearts so we can hear what our Heart has to say.

The more you live inside your Heart, I promise, the more joy you will feel.  You’ll grow, you’ll expand and you will burst open with happiness.

Action Step:

Nutrition and Exercise

A healthy, vibrant physical being is the foundation of our THRIVE life!  Our bodies are our temples. We must take care of them! When our bodies don’t feel well it’s very hard for us to discern our feelings from emotion vs. our feelings from a dysfunctional body.

Action Step:

Daily gratitude

I love to start my day with my gratitude journal. I write down 2 things that I’m grateful for that are related to the past and present and then I write down one thing that I’m grateful for as if it has already happened (future).

Action Step:

Daily: Smile. Laugh. Show affection. Hug someone.

Action Step:

Stop Complaining! For one week. No complaints. Just watch how your life opens!

Much love,


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