I is for Intuition! Action Steps for Building it Stronger

//I is for Intuition! Action Steps for Building it Stronger

I is for Intuition! Action Steps for Building it Stronger

I is for Intuition in living your THRIVE life!

In our THRIVE life, Intuition is our inner guidance, our life compass, a part of our soul and it’s our connection to God. Some other terms you may here for Intuition are: hunch, gut feeling, aha moment, sixth sense or inner voice.

Intuition has the ability (if we listen) to guide us through our days, weeks, months and honestly our entire life. It moves us towards our soul’s purpose; it guides us to finding our inner joy and it steers us on our life’s path.

It saves us time! Have you ever had an inkling to go another way to work only to later find out about a huge tie up on your usual route and it would have taken you an extra hour to get to the office?
It makes us money! Has someone ever asked you to be part of business deal and you got such a good feeling that jumped in with two feet first and it was a major success? Or maybe the opposite has happened. Your friend talked to you about this “sweet” investment and the hair on the back of your neck stood up and you kindly declined getting involved and it was one of the best financial decisions you ever made.

Intuition can save your life! I just recently had the feeling to change lanes when I was driving on the highway. I did it and immediately following the lane change, the tools came flying off a landscape truck that had been in front of me just moments before. My car surely would have been hit and who knows what would have happened to me.
It can save others. This is a wonderful story I would love to share with you. A business associate told me about how one evening she couldn’t sleep. She just tossed and turned in her bed. She got up and had a weird feeling to go outside on the deck and look at the moon. She did and noticed that she could see the street from her deck. Then she felt an urging to look more closely at the street. Laying on the sidewalk was her elderly neighbor. Hours earlier, he had slipped and fell and hit his head. She saved his life.

Intuition can guide you to or from love! Did you ever get the feeling that someone isn’t right for you? Or did you marry your spouse 2 weeks after meeting him because you knew they were the one?
Ever get an idea and say to yourself “where did that come from?” Yes, it was Intuition.
To sum up these very cute and very simple examples with a bit more serious tone, Intuition is our soul, it’s the core of our creation and it’s where all our answers to all our questions can be found. Our Intuition is part of the key to living our THRIVE life.
Should I move? Should I marry him? Should I divorce him? Should I take that job? What is it that I truly desire?

The list of questions that we ask ourselves throughout our life is endless. The decisions we make daily are numerous. Would you like to have a crystal ball that would give you the “right” answers? Well, you do! It’s you! It’s inside of you! It’s your Intuition.

How do we experience our Intuition?

Intuition is felt in many ways and it can be different for all of us. That is why the action steps here are important. It can come as a feeling in your body, a feeling in your stomach, your head, you can hear a sound, a voice, or the hair on the back of your neck or on your arms can stand up. You can get goosebumps or even a nauseous feeling. You can see it. You may experience a day dream or a dream while you sleep. The list is endless. Our Intuition is always trying to get our attention. We just need to listen. I invite you to try the action steps listed below to start activating your Intuition and just wait to see the wonderfulness that unfolds.
Ways to develop and nurture your Intuition.

Action Step:
Nutrition and Exercise

You will see Nutrition and Exercise in every aspect of the THRIVE life! It is the very foundation. Our bodies are our temples and we must take care of them! If our minds and bodies must process through junk food and sugary drinks, then we’re not experiencing our THRIVE life.

Action Step:
Sit in solitude. This is a bit different from meditation. Just be. Take a few minutes a day just to sit in a chair or take a short walk outside and be quiet. If thoughts creep into your head I want you to focus on the sounds of the environment. If you hear a bird, say “that’s a bird.” Whatever you hear acknowledge it ad then listen some more. Just sit and be.

Action Step:
Create! Our creativity is connected to the Divine and being creative brings out our Intuition and heightens our bond with it. Ways to create: Color. Get an adult coloring book. It’s so much fun! Draw or doodle. It doesn’t have to look like anything in the end, just grab a pencil or crayon and doodle a few minutes a day. Pick a new color for your bedroom and paint it! Buy a new outfit completely different than what you normally would wear. Choose a different color or a different style. Sign up for a pottery or painting class. Dance!!! Dance really gets our creative vibes flowing. Just blast the music and dance! Blast your music in your home and sing out loud. Act as if you are on stage, what would you do, would you hold the mic and sing; would you dance and sing……create the scene!


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