Love Your Story

//Love Your Story

Love Your Story

Your Story Created Your Resilience

R is for RESILIENCE in living your THRIVE life!

I have so many wishes for our wonderful world. One of my biggest though….is that everyone would stop hiding their truth and start sharing their stories. You know the stories I’m talking about. The ones that gave us our bumps and bruises, the ones where we cried all night, the ones where we screamed our head off and even broke the dishes. The stories that found us crouching in the corner wondering how to go on for another day. The stories that have molded us into the amazing human beings we are today. See, these bumps and bruises, giggles and tears, broken dishes and screaming arguments have given us our grit…..our grit is our RESILIENCE!


What is Resilience in your THRIVE life?

Resilience is about adapting, growing and learning in the face of adversity. It is the mental reservoir of strength that we call upon in stressful times, during major changes and in tragedy. Resilience is the ability to learn and grow from our challenges, rather than letting them define us and even crush us.

Resilience gives us our get knocked down and get back up muscle. Resilience is the belief that there are no failures, there are just ways that didn’t work out. The mindset that mistakes are lessons to be learned and problems are opportunities in disguise. And most importantly, problems, events, people and circumstances are never tied to our self-worth. This is THRIVING!

Resilience……. It’s not the amount of darkness… it is how we stand in the darkness

Why you need Resilience in your THRIVE life.

Because you are not THRIVING without it! Resilient people focus on goals and their soul’s purpose with blinders on to gossip, negativity, obstacles and energy drains. Resilience is what gets us out of bed when we want to pull the covers over our head and hide. Resilience is what drives us to see the silver lining in the darkest cloud. Most important of all…..when we hide from our stories we cut off the flow to our reservoir of resilience……rather we fall prey to playing the role of victim.

In closing, to sum up my story. I was born into a family of raging alcoholics, drugs in my home, teen bullying, obesity, a father who committed suicide, failed marriages and many other bumps and bruises. I LOVE where I came from and I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. I would love to hear your story!

Ways to build Resilience:

Action Step:

Nutrition and Exercise

Your body is your temple. Our health should always be our number one priority. Eat well, exercise often and love deep!

Action Step:

Share your stories! Get comfortable sharing your bumps and bruises. You are always one story away from inspiring someone! Grab coffee with a neighbor and say “Hey, we’ve been neighbors for a bit and you don’t know much about me, I’d like to share something with you.”

Action Step:

Change! Change builds Resilience.
I LOVE this action step! Variety is one of our 6 human needs and change offers us that. Say to yourself that change is good and start making small changes yourself. Take a different route to work. Order something totally different for lunch. Do you ride the 6:37 train every day? Then take the 6:49. Go to a new restaurant you’ve never been; sit somewhere different in your office cafeteria or leave the house at a different time! Any small change!

Lots of Love,


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