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Everyday Living with God

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Feeling Alone I was chatting with someone recently and she shared with me how alone she felt given some stressful circumstances she recently encountered. The word alone really struck my heart. I’m a person who appreciates alone time however there is a real difference  between alone time and feeling lonely or alone. I’ve gone through a [...]

Everyday Living with God

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Panic Worry I’ve shared before how much God has poured His grace upon me when it comes to worry. What’s the expression…a worry wart? That was me! God has helped me in so many ways to eliminate worry from my daily living and live in a more peaceful state. I won’t recap it all, you can [...]

Are You Frustrated?

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God and Frustration! Complete frustration took over me the other day. I felt like I was beating my head against a wall. I’ve been working on a specific project to get a particular piece of my business launched and when I tell you nothing is working right, I can say nothing is going my way. Dead [...]


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What is Excellence in our THRIVE life? Excellence in our THRIVE life is when we surpass ordinary effort, attention, detail and focus to move towards the “extra” ordinary! It is about putting quality into everything you do, say, believe and it is living in a committed way. I like to call it our personal 10x value. [...]


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What are Values in your THRIVE life? Values are beliefs that you feel are important in the way you live your life, in the way you work and in the way you act. When your beliefs match up with your actions, your life flows, you feel grounded and abundance comes. When there is a gap, most [...]

Everyday Living with God

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Living every day with God II Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are blameless (some versions use perfect) towards him” When I was reading Scripture this week, this particular passage caught my attention because I felt [...]

H is for Heart

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H is for HEART in living your THRIVE life! What do I mean by Heart? In my blog are you Thriving or Surviving, we chatted about THRIVE and what it stands for. T is for Trust, H is for Heart, R is for Resilience, I is for Intuition, V is for Value and E is for [...]

Everyday Living with God

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Living Life Everyday with God Ever since I can remember, I knew I was a child of God. I was born into a chaotic environment and from a young age, understood that there had to be a reason, a purpose for my path. My relationship with God was fed by my maternal grandmother. At home, there [...]

How to Handle Toxic People

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How to handle toxic people! When we strive to raise our emotional intelligence by living a more positive life, sometimes we go through a tough transition period having to deal with the negative nellies who surround us. Whether it’s family or friends, it takes a toll on us emotionally and sometimes even sabotages our dreams of [...]