“I have reached so many of my goals, lost inches and gained muscle!”

I have learned that the key to losing weight is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise! I had the exercise part down but was lost on what I should be eating. After getting engaged this January, I knew I had to start to make changes with my eating habits. That’s when I met with Jen. They have a nutrition program that helps you learn about your body and how to eat so you can understand how the body works. After meeting with Jen one on one she came up with a food plan that best fits me and after being on it for a week I already started to see changes! Now being on the food plan for over 4 months by changing my eating habits and the foods I eat, I now have the knowledge that has transformed my body. I have reached so many of my goals and have lost inches and have gained muscle! And I know next year when it’s time for me to walk down the aisle I am going to be a fit little bride.


“Jen Z put me on a nutrition plan that was life changing.”

I sat down with Jen Z and they figured out my problem immediately. Jen Z put me on a nutrition plan that was life changing. I thought I knew it all when it came to healthy eating, I was so wrong. My energy levels went through the roof. My running improved significantly. The physical changes are too many to list. I had a brand new attitude.



Results Thrive by Jen
Results Thrive by Jen

“I really liked being held accountable.”

When I started my program with Jen I knew from the first consultation that I was going to be learning a lot about my personal nutrition needs, how to adjust my diet and eating habits, and how to set and reach attainable goals. And let me tell you, I did just that. Each week, I received an encouraging e-mail, along with a request to fill them in on how and what I had done that week, and what I still needed to work on. I really liked being held accountable.


“I am so thankful for your help, support and overall good sense.”

I wanted you to know that I just came from a doctor’s appointment and have to tell you that my blood pressure was the best it has been in a long while! In addition, I was two pounds down from when I saw you last. I am so relieved and happy over the fact that my health is improving. I am so thankful for your help, support and overall good sense. I know I have about twenty pounds plus to go, but I am encouraged that my improved eating habits have made a difference in my health. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


“I’ve so missed your positive energy.”

I’m really proud to tell you…..for the first time in years I am genuinely happy. I am working my Thrive notebook all over. Peace is a pretty amazing feeling. I owe you my life Jen….I was pretty close to taking it before you so generously handed me the tools I was missing. I will never be able to thank you enough. SC

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Results Thrive by Jen
Results Thrive by Jen

“I learned the most important lessons of my life.”

I’ve pretty much had a weight issue most of my life. I come from a family that has had weight issues their entire life. I was always very active in sports and working out but I was never able to really lose weight. I’ve always been between 180-200lbs (size 14/16) for most of my adult life except after my pregnancy when I was at my highest at 230. I have suffered high blood pressure all my life and that affected my pregnancy to the point I was on bed rest and suffered preeclampsia. After I had my son I knew something had to change because I was on a path to some serious health issues. From June 2010 -2013 I was able to get down to about 190 but I was still suffering from high BP, lack of energy and Vitamin deficiencies. I did this through exercise, what I thought was eating healthy and fad diets/diet pills. During this time it was an endless cycle of lose and gain and I thought this was going to be me for the rest of my life. No matter how much I worked out, or played sports, or went on diets I was always going to be fat. With the amount of money I spent on diets, diet pills & different gym memberships I could have probably knocked 2 years off my car payment. I knew something had to change. During this time Jen Z. started her 2nd 8 week. I didn’t join the 1st one because I thought I was eating pretty well. You know eating salads, laying off junk food, eating fat free and cutting down on drinking all the things you think you need to do if you want to lose weight. I learned so much from her nutrition program. She explained to us how the food we eat effects our body and what we should eat to get the optimal results paired with our workout. I was shocked on how unhealthy my “healthy” eating habits were. I was introduced to foods I never knew existed. I learned how to pair foods together that would allow my body to burn fat and gain muscle. I had some amazing results through that 8 week program but still wasn’t wear I wanted to be. I travel a lot with work and I was still gaining and losing and so I decided that I was going to do a 1 on one program with Jen. This was like the 8 week challenge on steroids. She tailored a food program based on my body and workout regime. I learned the most important lessons of my life. Food prep, know what food you put into your body and how it affects you, sticking to an eating schedule and most important stop looking at the scale. I am now able to maintain my weight and not gain when I can’t work out because I know understand how to eat. She takes a personal interest in your health and go above and beyond to make sure you start living a healthy lifestyle.


“Your mindset information is motivating and inspiring.”

Everyday I look forward to new information on developing my new mindset. LA

“You have truly changed my life for the better.”

You are highly motivating, full of positive energy and you always see the bright side in all of us. I’m so glad to know someone as inspiring as you. Thank you for all that you do for me and I’m lucky to know someone as amazing as you. Keep on changing the world one day at a time. MI

Results Thrive by Jen

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