Our nutrition is customized based on your needs and goals. Please contact me today to schedule a personal call with me.

I used to just want to be skinny. Whatever that meant. No…correction…I knew what it meant. It meant going into a store and being able to fit into clothes. It meant being comfortable; wearing shorts; wearing a bathing suit without covering up. It meant the world to me. Unfortunately, on my journey to skinny, I got extremely sick. I lost weight and dieted completely wrong. I might have looked great on the outside but I had damaged my insides. I burned out my thyroid which to this day I take medication for and I severely taxed my adrenal glands which honestly, even many years later I still cannot “burn the midnight oil” without me noticing certain signs my body gives me showing the start of exhaustion.

Through a slow recovery of the right nutrition, the right exercise, sleep and lots of self-development (no one does this to themselves without a deep rooted reason) I began to understand and appreciate the way I desired to look but more importantly the way I should feel.

I have been using supplements forever. Since I was 20. Through trial and error I have experimented and experienced hundreds and hundreds of protein powders; pills; vitamins; fat burners; antioxidants….the list is endless. In my late 20’s I can remember reading an article about a fat burner everyone was taking. It was just discovered to contain jet fuel. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and I couldn’t believe that we were putting this into our bodies all in the pursuit of a “skinny” version of ourselves. It was then I slowly moved to an organic diet. I appreciate organic…trust me….but it doesn’t guarantee our health. When I destroyed my body….it was with all organic food.

Through my years of nutrition coaching as well as my illness I have found the perfect complement to our busy lifestyles. One that supports a healthy body. I’ve learned to curb my terrible cravings; eat with ease while traveling; burn fat; keep a toned body; feel amazing; have energy that is endless and best of all, my kids can enjoy it with me! It’s not a magic pill, it’s a tool of balanced nutrients are bodies are desperate for (remember, I destroyed my body on all organic food-our soil system is not what it used to be) that has offered hundreds of my clients life changing results.

Our nutrition is customized based on your needs and goals. Please contact me today email jenniferzelop@yahoo.com or text 914-319-4676.


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Common Results Include:

  • Clarity on what works and what does not

  • Learning how to judge what your body needs vs wants

  • Motivation to keep going

  • Creating a new outlook

  • Building a successful model to follow

  • Clear understanding of what proper nutrition looks like

  • Greater alignment with who you are and what you can achieve

Achieving Amazing Results

Healthy Body Mind Soul

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